Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holly Golightly and the Broke Offs - Dirt Don't Hurt (review)

Every now and again I dream of playing guitar for Holly Golightly. Some people that know me might find that funny. I mean there are some who know me more as a electronic music laptop playing geek. But part of me just wants to play some good ol' rock and roll, probably a part bigger than the part who makes geeky instrumental hip hop electronica.

I first heard Holly Golightly as part of the Headcoatees, I was longtime fan of Billy Childish and his various projects and offshoots,  but it was when I heard her voice on the Greenhorne's "There is an End" during the closing credits of Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers that I fell for her.  On this release she teams up with long time collaborator Lawyer Dave.  Here Golightly shows much more of her country and rockabilly side leaving only a hint of the rhythm and blues and garage influences that color her previous work. Most of the songs would not sound out of place on a Loretta Lynn album. 

Recorded in only five days in analog studio in Spain, the album keeps the raw sound one expects. Banjos play a prominent role on the album pushing the country feel. Percussion--various bells, rattles and such-- also sit up front in the mix. Perhaps to upfront at times verging dangerously close to giving the songs a sense of novelty rather than an air of authenticity.

I like this record. I like differently than I did previous Holly Golightly records. The track "Indeed You Do" is the album's standout track. Not surprising it sounds the most like the previous albums to me.

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